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Other Frog Collections and Frog Places to Visit

Helen Claypool's House of Frogs Museum

Frog Collection of Joe and Pat Morrison

The Frog Pond Restaurant in Redington Beach, Florida

Frog Fantasies Gift Shop and Museum


Frog Fun Stuff, Poems, Stories, etc. (on this Web site)

Frog Dance 1—Hillbilly Hop

Frog Dance 2—Froggy Waltz

Frog Dance 3—Frog Hop Rock

Frog Legs Rag

Frog-i-More Rag  

The Lily and the Bullfrog

The Frog of Love: F.R.O.G.


Frogs singing "Singin' In The Rain"

Lessons from Frogs

Lickety Splat Frog Game


Things Not Frogs

An on-going collection of poems, stories, songs, and whatever else I come across and can find the time to put here. Check back from time to time to see what's new.

ABCs of a Friend

Old Cherokee Chief

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Old Lady's Poem

Amazing Date and Time Clock

Old Farmer's Advice

Attitude is Everything

Ragged Old Flag

Bible Health Guide

Sandpiper Story

Computer Poem in the Style of Dr. Seuss

Sweet Taters

Cracked Pot

Ten Commandments—Cowboy Style

Dirt Roads

Weight Loss Cartoons

I Am The Flag



Lake Applets

Frog Lake Applets

Other Lake Applets

Frog with "I Love You" hand sign

Sunset with "I Love You" hand sign

Frog on a Reed Stalk

Thomas Kincaid applets

Three Red-Eyed Tree Frogs


Frog on a Leaf


Jungle Frogs


Rob's Frog Art 09





Brain Teasers

Optical Illusions Page 1

Optical Illusions Page 2

Optical Illusions Page 3

Optical Illusions Page 4

Optical Illusions Page 5

Optical Illusions Page 6

Optical Illusions Page 7

Optical Illusions Page 8

Optical Illusions Page 9


Say the Color — Right/Left Brain Conflict

The Amazing Le Woogie Card Trick

Where Does the 13th Guy Go?






Below are frog fun links to other Web sites

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Frog Fun Stuff

Frog in a Blender

Touch Me Frog

Frog Hop—Froggy Style Song and Dance





Cartoon Animations & other Computer Art (not frogs)

Turn up the speakers and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Read the words as they are sung.

Animation of Fireworks Over New York

Animation that creates a turkey using food items

Sea life forms American emblem
The Farmer's Donkey—Lessons from the donkey


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My guest book is closed to new entries due to abuse by people who uploaded undesirable Web site addresses, which I had to constantly delete.

You can still read them if you'd like.

To read the Guest Books:

Guest Book I (Jan. 14—May 31, 2003)

Guest Book II (June 1, 2004 – December 31, 2004)

Guest Book  III  (January 1, 2005 to May 18, 2005)



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