Our favorite frog place is the Frog Pond restaurant in North Redington Beach, Florida.

We've visited there several times. The picture at the right is Lee and me in October 2004.


The restaurant is owned by Bill, Denis, and David (don't know their last names).





This is Drew McDonald, one of the waiters who has been working at the Frog Pond for a long time.


This is MizFrog with Denis,

one of the owners.

A little history and philosophy, taken from The Frog Pond menu . . .

Fast Food. Think about it...doesn't the term contradict itself?

"Fast" (as any dictionary will tell you) means "to abstain from food."

"Food" (same dictionary) means "nourishment." Therefore, "fast food" must mean "abstain from nourishment."

We at the Frog Pond are strongly opposed to this idea, and have been since the inception of our restaurant. Our doors opened on September 1, 1982, with the belief that food (with the exception of stir-fry) was not meant to be quickly prepared, nor was it meant to be delivered through the window of a slow-moving car. We believed that it should not be served in a styrofoam box, nor should it taste like one.

Through the years, we have maintained that the simple formula of great food, unique atmosphere, continued quality, and incredible portions (don't take OUR word for it look around) is what made and keeps the Frog Pond the most frequented establishment on Redington Beach for breakfast and lunch.

So... if it's quickness and cardboard you want, you've come to the wrong place. If it's quality, quantity (or perhaps crepes and quiche) you've come to the right place, and we know you'll be glad you did!!!

And now for the inside . . .

Click on the thumbnails below to view the pictures. These were all made in October, 2004. The decor, of course, is all about frogs. Every item in the restaurant is a gift from customers.















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