Joe Morrison with one of his original frog ashtrays


How we came to be frog collectors...


It started when we were first married 28 years ago. I inherited two frog ash trays from my grandmother, and since we both smoked at the time, we had them on the end tables in our apartment. People saw them and thought we collected frogs, so we started receiving them as gifts. Our birthdays are on the same day, July 17, and we started receiving frogs as birthday gifts. We also started getting frogs as Christmas gifts, and then we started buying them for ourselves. Pretty soon we had a couple of hundred, then a thousand, and now the collection is over 10,000.


We have frogs made of a number of different materials—everything from paper to gold, and they come from at least 40 different countries. My favorites today are the Nutcrackers, but then I could change my mind tomorrow. One-of-a-kinds are always special, and we have several that were made just for us. Pat's favorite is a coloring book of frogs drawn by Red Skelton.


Most people don't realize how many companies either make frogs or have frogs on their products—such as Hummels, Lalique, Precious Moments, Budweiser and other beer and wine companies, Baccarat, Lenox, Daum, Metlox, Weller, Brush McCoy, Rookwood... and I could go on and on. Also, it's interesting what the frog means to different peoples around the world. It's a fun hobby to have, and you can collect on any price range you choose.


We've made some special friendships through collecting, and we cherish them very much.


We sponsor a frog collectors convention in St. Charles, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, on the first weekend in June every year. We all have a fantastic froggy time.


Frog hoppenings to all!


Joe and Pat



Here are some pictures of the Morrisons' collection. These pictures are thumbnails. Click on them to see the full-sized pictures.





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