The Lily and the Bullfrog

The Lily and the Bullfrog
Were a most unlikely pair,
Yet they had the warmest friendship
At the creek that they both shared.
When Lily woke each morning,
At the beginning of her day,
She stretched her pretty petals,
And smiled the Bullfrog's way.
"Gurgle, gurgle, sir," she said,
"R-ribbet, r-ribbet to you," said he,
Then they swam and floated together,
As happy as could be.
While they loved the sunshine and blue sky,
They also loved the rain,
And to duck between the raindrops
Was their very favorite game.
The rain drops went plop-plop,
When falling willy-nilly,
But went KERPLUNK upon the Frog,
And SQUISH when they hit Lily.
"Giggle, giggle," laughed the Lily,
As she wiggled with delight,
And, "Guffaw," chortled the Frog,
When he was splashed just right.
Then when the rain was over,
They grinned to greet the sun,
"Gurgle, gurgle!"  "R-ribbet, r-ribbet!"
"Didn't we have fun!"
But one Spring the rain kept falling,
And it fell for days on end,
The playmates' little stream
Became a river then.
At first it seemed exciting,
Like a roller-coaster ride,
And it was kind of fun
Being tossed from side to side.
But as the rain kept falling,
And the river water rose,
The Lily and the Bullfrog.
In terror, almost froze.
They both then lost their moorings,
And tumbled in the waves,
They held on to one another,
Trying to be brave.
Faster, faster flowed the water,
Stronger yet the current grew,
A frightened Bullfrog and a Lily
Were not sure what to do.
Around the bend, unknown to them,
A treacherous water-fall,
And, as they swerved around the curve,
They both felt weak and small.
"Good-bye Lily," croaked the Frog,
When he almost lost his grip,
But holding tight with all her might,
Lily did not let him slip.
Head over foot, and bloom over root!
The two went down the spill!
"Gurgle!  Gurgle!  Glug!  Glug!  Help!"
Then everything went still.
Into a churning, swirling pool
The water CRASHED below!
Carrying Lily and the Bullfrog
To realms they didn't know.
Poor little Lily.  Poor little Frog.
Was this their bitter end?
Wait - wait!  Though it was very faint,
There was a gurgle and a r-ribbet again.
Then very soon the sun came out,
The rain was done and gone,
And at the edge of the shining lake,
Just guess what clung thereon!
"Whew!" the Water Lily gasped,
And, "Wow!" exclaimed the Frog,
They were aliveóboth had survived,
Though each was waterlogged.
The Bullfrog tugged on Lily,
And pulled her to the shore,
Then he took a sacred oath,
"No more waterónevermore!"
"Me, too," cried the Water Lily,
"I've also had enough,
That trip down the waterway,
Was much too rough and tough."
"I want to put my roots
Deep down in solid ground,
For now I know for me
The water's too unsound."
She gurgled her last gurgle then,
And looked up in time to see
The Bullfrog make a mighty leap,
To a branch up in a tree.
So they both gave up the water,
And learned to do without,
And that's how LILIES OF THE VALLEY,
And TREE FROGS came about!
by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis


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