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This is a shiny metal wall hanging that we bought at an art gallery in Florida. It's 18 inches high and 30 inches wide. This piece was crafted by an artist in California, whose name is not legible on the piece. The reflection from the camera flash masks its beautiful, even color.



This is a cut-out of black frogs against a white background. The picture itself is 7 1.2 x10 inches.

A wall plaque bought at Frog Fantasies in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

This is a wall grouping in my kitchen. The top one is called "Marsh Fellers," done by Enid Groves. On the lower left is an oil painting given to me by my friend Lesta. Center is a mirror ordered from a catalog. Right is a picture I bought locally.


This is a puzzle put together by my son Steven and his girlfriend.

This is a puzzle put together by my mother and me.










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