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This book of cure-alls may raise eyebrows, but Green maintains that these homemade remedies work. Though it's no substitute for actual medicine, this alphabetically arranged sourcebook offers suggestions for everything from soothing knee pain and relieving poison ivy to preventing hangovers and caring for nails.

Fascinating, affordable, helpful tips on how to keep your home safe from toxics by an expert on home safety! Home Safe Home is the ultimate reference of its kind, written by the leading authority on eliminating toxics in the home. It offers more than four hundred tips, including do-it-yourself formulas for inexpensive, safe products to replace the harmful substances we are exposed to in our own households. If you suffer from unexplained headaches, fatigue, or depression, or if you worry about the link between increased use of toxic chemicals and the rising rate of cancer, the many suggestions in this book can make your life virtually toxic-free!



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